About Me

Why me?

I make women happy. Indeed, I show them how to make themselves happy.


Why you?

You are a successful woman and you have problems with relationships.



We can be an excellent team. Selflove is the answer, the goal, the way.

Tapping to release fear and anxiety


Video to release fear and anxiety.


My clients often have problems with their relationships, some of them are or have been in toxic relationships. Yes, you can get out of that toxic spiral.


I help you to understand the underlying reasons why you dated someone like that. And that you need to change in order to change your relationships.


Imagine yourself in two years. Where do you want to be?


As a coach and naturopath I help you to get on your way. We can work via skype. I would be pleased to hear from you.


Get to know my way of übercoaching with this 2-hour-session via zoom.


You book and then you contact me via email or whatsapp and we get an appointment as soon as possible.

Free Trance

With this little trance you can relax now. Please do only listen to it when you are NOT driving in your car. It is possible that you even fall asleep... Enjoy!

A nice little trance - you can relax now.
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