Why should you  be working with me?


If you lack self-confidence and you would love to change that.


If you struggle with your body, I teach you how to love your body. To enjoy it.


Self-love is the question, the answer, the key.

I help successful women who are dissatisfied in their relationships, in their business and private life to be clear and full of self-worth. So that they know what they want without the fear of too few clients or just another broken heart. Because I dig deeper and we heal the basic wound which is the cause of low self-worth, perfectionism and over-adjustment. I show you how to make love easy for you. I show you how to make business easy for you. I show you how to make life easy for you.


There is a divine sparkle inside of you. With this sparkle you let your light shine. 🥰


I love making women happy beings. Indeed, I show them how to make themselves happy.


Do you recognize yourself?

You are a successful woman and you have problems with relationships - in your business (finding new clients, finding your ideal clients and employees)

- and/or with your love life. It is often the same cause that keeps you away from abundance.



We can be an excellent team. Self-love is the question, the answer, the key. I help you find it.


Tapping to release fear and anxiety:


Video to release fear and anxiety.


My clients are wonderful women who tend to be perfectionists who are a bit over-adjusted. This means that they do everything for the others to like them. However, this leads to challenges in their businesses and love life. They often have problems with their relationships, some of them are or have been even in toxic relationships. Yes, you can get out of that spiral of doing too much to be loved, whether it's your clients or your partner.


I help you to understand the underlying reasons why you think and act like that. And how you can change these old patterns in order to change your professional and private life. Being a hypnotherapist, I work with your subconscious mind. We program your subconscious mind. This makes it easy to change - so that you thrive, living a life of happiness!


Imagine yourself in one year. Where do you want to be?

Work With Me

As a hypnotist, holistic coach and naturopath I help you to get on your way. We can work easily via zoom. I would be pleased to hear from you.

Hypnosis Package 

If you want to change one subject of concern, check out how you can work with your subconscious mind. One strategic session (à 90 minutes) with hypnosis. You get an mp3 of the hypnosis.


Get to know my way of übercoaching with this 2-hour-session via zoom.


You book and then you contact me via email or whatsapp and we get an appointment as soon as possible.


Indeed, transformation is on its way. I work deep down with the softness of Mother Earth, up high with the Divine and all around with space. I am a spiritual mentor, who helps women to thrive. With the methods of nlp, your inner child and a very special form of soft trance you will be facing your challenges with the knowing that you can figure that out. Easy as a dancer, with a master in international business (University of Passau) and loads of certificates, I am grounded and a magician, an alchemist, who feels deeper and sees beyond. We find that which is your place in this world.


Your body, your mind, your heart and your soul are one. The beautiful, the true and the good all are one.



If you are ready to make your world a space for wonders, contact me.


3 sessions (60 minutes) via zoom for €797. As an extra you get a personalised trance for you and your needs as an mp3, so that you can listen to it whenever you want to.

Free Trance

With this little trance you can relax now. Please do only listen to it when you are NOT driving in your car. It is possible that you even fall asleep... Enjoy!

A nice little trance - you can relax now.
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