Hello, beautiful!

Is there trauma in your body?


How would we know that there is trauma in our body?

Headaches and migraines


Back pain and often a bad posture. Many of these people have heard it in their childhood, "Stand straight".


Digestive issues


Gut issues





What can we do about it?

There are many ways to release trauma in our body. Here are the best ones:

Hypnosis is a great way to work with our subconscious mind. It helps to get rid of old patterns we no longer need.


Tapping (EFT)




RTE (Releas Trauma Exercises)


Yoga can help you to feel good in your body. To be in the moment and relax. It's an excellent combination with all the other tools.

If you want to work with me, just send me an email (sandrahochhuber@sandrahochhuber.de).


Sending you love, Sandra

Why do you always work with selflove? That's a question I hear quite often.


I hope this inspires you to be a selflover from your heart. Your soul is already. Perhaps you are reading this for a reason.


Spontaneous healing. That's what doctors say if they don't know why someone is well again. Especially when they were not involved in the healing. Especially when science says it is impossible to heal this issue.


Several years ago, I was in hospital because of an autoimmune disorder (Graves disease). During the operation, the surgeon unfortunately cut the optic nerve for my left eye and I was blind on one eye. But now I see, like in the famous gospel song. The doctors couldn't do anything, showed me the pictures with the cut nerve and said that's the way it is and will be forever (they are not allowed to be sorry for insurance issues). Inside of me there was a big nooooo shouting. With simple (and not so easy) selflove I healed. I still remember the day when I was seeing shadows and light. And the other day, when I was able to see a black 3 in my ophthalmologist's office, yes, just one number on the whole board. We were both crying.

A few years after this all happened they have shown in a labratory, that nerves can grow together again - and it is still impossible for humans, they say. Thank God I was not listening.


Selflove is the power within everyone of us. There is this light in you, it is divine and you are also divine. You are the light. Selflove is no game for ego-centric people. Selflove is a big lesson. Selflove makes you a lover of the world - and you are a part of it. That's why I work with selflove with every client.