Hi, beautiful.

I'm Sandra and I help women who find themselves again and again in bad relationships (or don't want to have a relationship after these horrible scenarios) to overcome their old patterns so that they can live an easy life. They often struggle with bodily issues, as the body shows that something is going wrong. I started with hypnosis in 2013 out of pure interest and have been a huge fan of it ever since.


In 2014 I got in a state of trance a very clear command: Go write three books about self-love, I even got the name for the series. Self-love smells like vanilla. I thought it would be about health and self-love, as I healed myself from an autoimmune disease and blindness after the doctor made a mistake in an operation in 2005, he cut my optic nerve. At that time, it was impossible to do anything about it and a nerve would never grow together again. This is when I really started to dive deeper into spirituality, energy work and natural medicine. I have a master in International Cultural, Language and Business Studies with a focus on the United Kingdom and the United States. I changed careers, as I know something everyone should hear. Now I am a naturopath and holistic healer of hearts - whatever helped me then, is part of my repertoire. Self-love was my most important medicine. So I thought in 2014, this is all about self-love and health. Little did I know.


I found myself in a very bad, even toxic relationship. Another lesson in self-love. The first one of my books will be about love and self-love (I am still writing, and as there is so much to say I'm cutting out one part as a workbook where it's all about heartache after a bad relationship, "Heartache is worth it".


I am a hypnotherapist, a naturopath, an NLP master and an energy worker who is into ancient meditation techniques and loves to combine old wisdom from all over the planet with modern neuroscience. I am a healer of hearts. Self-love is a strong medicine and the most delightful one.


May you love yourself.